Bovada Sportsbook Review!

Bovada is the industry standard for online sports betting right now. There is no other site functioning that comes close the esteem that has been bestowed upon Bovada. There is good reason for this too. Bovada is a part of a group that operates the most respected sportsbooks in the industry and is in good standing with the Kahnawake Gaming Commission. Beyond being safe and legal, this is where the pros play. No matter which sport you’re looking to bet on, the best players from all over the nation will be using Bovada. With the most up-to-date lines in the world, on all your favorite sports, it will not take long before you realize Bovada is a top destination for online sports betting in the U.S.

This article will go in depth to the gambling colossus that is We will also clear the air surrounding the legality of online sports betting. Read on, and get ready place your bets!

Bovada Summary:
Bovada Website:
Bovada Location: Quebec, Canada
Where is Bovada Legal? All US States - Except DE, MD, NJ, NV
Bovada Deposit Methods:
Deposit Options: Minimum Maximum
CREDIT CARDS: $20 $1,500
BITCOIN: $10 $5,000
Bovada Payout Methods:
Payout Options Minimum Maximum
BITCOIN: $10 $9,500
CREDIT CARDS: $50 $3,000
BITCOIN: $20 $9,500
Bovada Bonuses: 50% up to $250; 50% up to $5,000 with BVSBITCOIN50
Bovada Customer Service:
Bovada Telephone: 1-888-263-0000
Is Bovada Legal For USA Sports Bettors?

There some misinformed folks out there who have spread rumors about the legality of sports wagering. These have scared sports fans away from the many legal avenues that are available to them. Trying to read the legalese of federal regulations is about as fun as having a proctology exam, so we will ease your mind by explaining them in plain English.

Sports betting has had a storied career. After WW2, organized crime elements started to proliferate around the business of gambling, and by the late 50’s had gotten out of control. In 1961 legislature passed the Federal Wire Act in an attempt to stop racketeering and criminal activity. The Wire Act banned the use of wire communication devices involved in sports betting, successfully dismantling one of the mafias biggest tools used for laundering, stealing, and cheating. The Wire Act is not very relevant anymore, as the advent of the internet, and online gambling, required the definition of “wire communication device” to be changed.

Online sports wagering prospered in the early 2000’s, spawning many online sportsbooks in the states. These sites gained in popularity fast, but also brought in illegal gambling practices. In 2006, the Federal Government enacted the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA). This law successfully banned online gambling sites from functioning in most of the US. This means that you will not find an online sportsbook establishment near your house. The great news is that the UIGEA doesn’t restrict players from using legal sportsbooks, like Bovada.

Bovada operates out of Quebec, Canada, where operating an online sportsbook is legal. You can use Bovada since it resides in a place that permits the function of online sportsbooks. The UIGEA does not ban average sports bettors from using legal establishments. Bovada is licensed by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, and they serve players the best sports action as they have for over two decades. This site has gained a reputation for first-rate sportsbook lines, member safety, and the best legal action to be found anywhere in the world.

Is Bovada A Safe Place To Bet Online?

The first thing you will want to look for when joining an online sportsbook is its reputation. Bovada has gained accolades from US media giants such as CNBC and USA Today. Sportsbooks don’t gain this type of prestige without putting customer safety first. Bovada uses the most up-to-date security software and SSL protocols to ensure that your information is secure. Bovada is as safe to do business with as sites like Amazon or Netflix. Numerous reputable news/media/sports outlets consider Bovada the Fort Knox of online sportsbooks. Read the numerous reviews scattered around the web, or the player testimonials, to see why so many sports fans consider Bovada the safest, and greatest online sportsbook in the world.

How Do I Signup At Bovada Sportsbook?

Signing up at Bovada is easy and quick. Just click on “Join Now” at the top right of the front page, and you will be brought to a quick signup page. Enter your contact information, create a password, provide an email, and you will receive a confirmation code within minutes. Once you click on the confirmation in your email, you will be a full-fledged member of the best online sportsbook in the world.

Because of some individual state laws regarding sports betting, Bovada does not accepts members from New Jersey, Nevada, Delaware, and Maryland. If you reside in any of these states, you will need to find a different sportsbook. There are many options out there, so check the rest of our reviews to see which sites accept members from all fifty states.

  • 50% Bonus Up To $1,000 On Each Deposit

What Are The Best Deposit Options At Bovada?

After signing up and exploring all the sportsbook has to offer, you will be itching to start betting some real money. This is the time to make your first deposit. Bovada offers two great deposit methods. You will find some other sites out there that offer numerous deposit methods, but Bovada limits these to two because they believe in ultimate customer safety. These two methods are the quickest, and safest, deposit methods in the business.

Credit/Debit Card – The easiest way to make a deposit at Bovada is with your credit/debit card. Just navigate to the online cashier and enter your card information, along with the deposit amount, and your account will be credited instantly. Some credit/debit cards have restrictions placed on them for making online purchases, in which case you will need to use another card, or the alternative deposit method. Don’t be scared to try numerous cards until one works, if need be. Bovada does not store any of the information for declined cards.

Gift Cards/Prepaid Cards – A great alternative to credit/debit cards are gift/prepaid cards. If you choose to use one of these methods, make sure that the card issuer allows international transactions. This information should be found on the back of the gift/prepaid card, but you can always ask the issuer.

Rapid Transfer – You can deposit using your local rapid transfer retail outlet at Bovada. You will need to call Bovada first to receive transfer details. After that, head to your local rapid transfer outlet and send it to Bovada for the amount you would like to deposit. Call Bovada back with the confirmation number and they will credit your account in as little as 15 minutes.

There are fees associated with deposits to cover the costs of international exchange, and to ensure your account credits quickly. A credit/debit card deposit will never charge more than 6.8% of the total deposit amount. The fee for Rapid Transfer deposits will be between $12 and $20, depending on the amount deposited.

All deposit methods come with minimums and maximums as well. Credit/debit/gift cards have a minimum of $50, and a maximum of $1,000. This is a great method for small-to-medium size deposits. Rapid Transfers have minimums of $100, and maximums of $800. Rapid Transfers are great for larger deposits, as they have heftier fees associated with them. Check out the online cashier to read more about deposit options.

Bovada Payout Options For Sports Betting?

After betting on a few games and, hopefully, winning some dough, you will want to make your first withdrawal. Bovada makes payouts easy, fast, and safe. When you are ready to collect you winnings, head over to the online cashier to choose the payout option you prefer. Because of laws that regulate the transfer of funds overseas, you will not be able to collect payouts directly to your credit/debit card account. This is only a minor hindrance, as Bovada offers two great payout methods.

Check – By far the most popular method for collecting payouts at Bovada is via a good old-fashioned check in the mail. Before requesting a check, go to your account settings and make sure your address is correct. Checks have maximums of $3000, but if you need to cash out more they will send you a check every seven days until the amount is covered. Bovada asks that you wait up to 30 days to receive a check, but most members receive theirs within a matter of days.

Rapid Transfer – The alternative to a check is a rapid transfer. This works the same way as a deposit, and if you have already supplied Bovada with your banks’ transfer information, you will not need to do so again. Just enter the amount you would like to withdraw, and Bovada will have it sent to you ASAP. The minimum for rapid transfer is $100, and the maximum is $650. There is also a fee associated with rapid transfers, anywhere from $20 to $60 depending on the amount withdrawn. This is the least popular method of the two, but is there if you would like to skip out on the check route.

There are fees associated with checks as well, but if you use checks, Bovada will issue you one free payout per month. This the main reason checks are so popular. Most members find one free payout per month more than sufficient. If you need to payout more than once a month, the fee for the additional checks will be $50 each. Whichever way you decide to collect your winnings, you can rest assured that Bovada will get the money to you as fast as possible.

How Do I Place A Bet Once I fund My Account?

If you are new to sports betting, Bovada provides one of the best FAQ’s in the world. This will explain all wager options, odds and lines, calculating payouts, and other ways to use the sportsbook. Suffice to say there are many ways to bet at Bovada, some of them unique to the site. There is live betting, in which you can watch the odds change as the game plays out in real time, betting while the action unfolds. There are Parlays, in which you will bet on numerous games. There are so many ways to bet at Bovada that you will never get bored. Some are as simple as picking which team will win, and some are more complicated, requiring you to manage individual stats of players. The glossary and FAQ sections will be your best friends when learning how to play the odds.

What Sports Betting Bonuses Does Bovada Offer?

The great thing about using one of the many USA online sportsbooks is that you will receive super-generous bonuses that land-based venues cannot match. These rewards and promotions prove just how much Bovada cares about its loyal members. Right now, there is an amazing Welcome Bonus worth up to $250 in sports free play money. When you make your first deposit you will be eligible to instantly receive a 50% Free Bet Bonus, which you can use to bet on all your favorite sports.

Along with great Welcome Bonuses that you can use anywhere in the sportsbook, other promotions keep rewarding members all throughout their Bovada career. The Refer-A-Friend Bonus can reward you with a 200% cash bonus worth up to $100 for every friend you refer. This is major incentive to spread the Bovada gospel around your local pub or sports bar. Just make sure you tell your friend to tell Bovada who sent ‘em. There are benefits literally littering Bovada right now, and there has never been a better, or more profitable, time to join. Head over to the “promotions” page to see what awaits Bovada members.

What Are The Best Features Of Bovada?

Have you ever been in line at the post office, or sitting through a boring children’s recital, only to realize that your favorite team is playing? Well, with Bovada’s Mobile Betting, you will never be without a sportsbook by your side. This amazing feature will have you betting from the palm of your hand. Mobile Betting offers lines on all major sports, props and futures, parlays and teasers, live in-play betting, and you can even deposit and withdrawal. You can do practically everything you can do at the site on your phone. There is no download, all you need to do is visit the Bovada website from your phone, and you will be automatically redirected to the mobile site.

Live in-play betting will have you betting along with the changing odds of a real game that is playing out in front of you. This is the most exciting way to bet on sports, and Bovada’s cutting-edge gaming software makes it look amazing. You will feel like you’re sitting in the crowd, cheering along and trying not to spill your beer as your team dominates the field. Bovada never stops coming up with new ways to bet.

Bovada Customer service

Bovada has two methods for contacting them. There is a 24/7 toll free number that will connect you with a native English speaking professional in seconds. These are sportsbook experts that are ready to answer and all questions. There is also an online contact for where you can state your question or concern. They will reply by email, usually within a few hours. You can be sure that Bovada’s friendly customer service team will be prompt and knowledgeable.

If you are looking for the best all-around sports betting experience in the world, Bovada crushes the competition. With the fastest lines on all major sports, mobile betting, awards-winning customer service, and bonuses that will make you rich, this site has it all. Check out the site now to see what all the fuss is about, it won’t be long before you click that “Join Now” button.